Well guys, I'm just, I, I, I'm so completely fucking pissed.

Because I'm still getting ignored.

I just needed a talk. I needed a fucking talk.

I don't understand why am I still getting ignored.

I'm so tired of all these fucking bullshits fucking ignoring me.

First of all, on GD wikia, GD Ghost didn't wanted to contribute to this wikia

because she don't want to.

Seriously, that's not real reason at all!!

also, I saw that she tell all wikia users to ignore me.

She didn't even fucking showed me a real reason!

She tried to get everyone to ignore me, well she just fucking succeeded!

I tried to talk with peoples, and I'm still, getting ignored!

Choonie just talked to Kuroshiro-Joge on deviantart that

I just blocked Choonie because she told me to shut the fuck up.

She even claimed that I like to get in the trouble, which is not.

That's why Choonie is just a liar!

I thought she would be so good... god damnit.

Why do people are ignoring me?

Why do people are fucking ignoring me?

I do NOT deserve to be ignored!


Thanks for reading.