Boyned FAGS?


More like Bad User FAGS!

Oh my god!

This is a worst user I ever seen!

He is a second account of Boynedmaster!

Look at this channel!

He makes too many hate videos!

He made a rant out of BFDI, crappy character elimination episode 1, and many more!

And he hates Leafy and he thinks that Firey is his wife!

How gross!

Do you know who likes Boyned FAGS?


He supports Boyned FAGS and vandalized this wiki!

Do you know who hates Boyned FAGS?


He hates Boyned FAGS and he likes to terminate Boyned FAGS' channel!

So screw Boyned FAGS!

Also, screw jowe!

Geometry Dash Riot is 10375871011087456765107567340687105465173561076 times way better!

End of rant!

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