[scene: in the lordotherguest's house..]

LordOtherGuest: [eating popcorns with watching tv]

boynedmaster: [steals lordotherguest's popcorn and leaves a message]

LordOtherGuest: [tries to find popcorns, feels like seeing a message] What the heck is that thing?

LordOtherGuest: [reading boynedmaster's message] Hi, my name is boynedmaster. If you want to find your popcorn, then defeat me. Sincerely, boynedmaster. AW CRAP!!! D:

The Adventures of LordOtherGuest Episode 1:

Searching for boynedmaster

LordOtherGuest: [gets out from his house] I will need to find boynedmaster! wait... I don't know where he is! Hey, JXAN! Do you know where is boynedmaster?

JXAN: OK, I will tell you. I knew that there is boynedmaster Dox by Frostbyte. I found it on your youtube. You will need to go to forward, and go to Geometry Street 89. But do not go to Geometry Street 20. You will gonna get lost. and

[lotsa talks later...]

LordOtherGuest: Thanks, JXAN. Now I know.