Othest: So as of you know, I quit GD.

Othest: You guys think quitting GD of hacking is stupid? I'll show you!

Viprin showing Surv's password

Othest: some of you know that Viprin showed Surv's password to GS and is defending himself with that stupid excuse.

Othest: Srsly, see this image?


Othest: God, viprin must die in hell. Seriously.

Othest: Also after this, surv streamed him telling a story about his password being leaked.

Othest: And that's not all! There's more!

TeamN2 Hacking

Othest: So as of you know, Reple had bullshit excuse after his/her Team got hacked.

Othest: Seriously, read this!!

first of all

sorry for my broken English and shitty sentences

If it's hard to understand just leave a comment plz

im gonna read it all and answer if i could.

hey guys it's reple speaking here

im gonna explain about n2s future and the reason why

so some of you might know

n2s account was 'hackedbyaurorus'

i first thought robtop would fix it

cuz i saw he fixed michiguns name fast af

but rob didnt change it

and i eventually noticed

we are not famous enough so rob doesnt give shit to us

so here's what i wanna say

robtop should not listen just to viprin and michigun

and stop sucking they and more famous guys ass like a bitch

(no offensive to viprin, michigun and more famous guys)

and some more, i thought he would fix the hacking situation asap

but what he did is just rating krazyman50s 'M A N I X' 

and leave some shitty comment there

eventhough robtop himself said he wont rate that level

(and again no offensive to krazyman50)

thumbnail would explain his shitty comment

n2s account has been changed to TeamN2 now

again i thought rob did it but viprin sent list of hacked guys

and rob fixed it

now i think viprin is the real game developer lul

Othest: God, that's long stupid rant!

Othest: Reple seriously should fucking die, seriously

Hacks, hacks everywhere
Othest: So so much players are actually getting hacked.

Othest: Such as ZenthicFucka, Michifuck, Rioter, etc etc etc...

Othest: Like they deserved to be HACKED!!!

Othest: But I liked them shitty peoples before I quit.

Othest: But after a whole shit loads of hacks, I quit!

Othest: Well that's it for you guys.

Othest: I recommend all of you to also quit GD.