[dave gets a phone call]

Dave: uh.. Hello?

?: Hello. Are you Dave?

Dave: Yes, So?

?: Dave, I have something to tell you.

Dave: Let me guess... You got to picnic and the weather was great?

?: You think this is a f- [bleep] joke? You think this is funny?

Dave: Uh.. no?

?: Listen you little dickhead, I have your wife. She's in the gas realm.

Dave: What?

?: Yea that's right, if I don't get my crack money, I'm afraid that someone's gonna die.

Dave: Are you afraid or something?

?: I'm afraid that someone's gonna die, and that someone is you.

Dave: What do you mean?

?: You'll die in next 2 hours, See you in hell, dickhead.

Dave: well... I guess he was trying to call other Dave.