• LordOtherGuest


    March 22, 2017 by LordOtherGuest


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  • LordOtherGuest

    Well guys, I'm just, I, I, I'm so completely fucking pissed.

    Because I'm still getting ignored.

    I just needed a talk. I needed a fucking talk.

    I don't understand why am I still getting ignored.

    I'm so tired of all these fucking bullshits fucking ignoring me.

    First of all, on GD wikia, GD Ghost didn't wanted to contribute to this wikia

    because she don't want to.

    Seriously, that's not real reason at all!!

    also, I saw that she tell all wikia users to ignore me.

    She didn't even fucking showed me a real reason!

    She tried to get everyone to ignore me, well she just fucking succeeded!

    I tried to talk with peoples, and I'm still, getting ignored!

    Choonie just talked to Kuroshiro-Joge on deviantart that

    I just blocked Choonie because she told me to shut the fuc…

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  • LordOtherGuest

    It's not like nobody is giving shits about me. Nobody wants to fucking contribute to my wikia. It's just like "I DONT WANT 2 KONTRAIBUT 2 TIS WIKIA CUZ WII DONT WANT 2" and some bullshit. I'm sick and tired of being ignorant. just contribute to this fucking wikia or waste your damn time.

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  • LordOtherGuest


    July 18, 2016 by LordOtherGuest

    WTF IS DIS FUCKIN USELESSS BLOG!?!?!??????????????????????????????

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  • LordOtherGuest

    I need a name idea. plz give me a name idea for my new series

    its about me doing something

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Boyned FAGS -

    Alexis FAGS -

    Chara FAGS -

    Veigar FAGS - That youtube channel was main channel once :/

    Jowe FAGS -

    Bad User FAGS -

    Big Meanie FAGS -

    Wojtek FAGS -

    Mikl FAGS -

    MikeTheSNESDude FAGS -

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Firemaster: Oh no. I got beige card.

    LordOtherGuest: I'm so sorry, Firemaster. But you have a detention. Go to principal's office.

    Lime Errorman: I got yellow card.

    LordOtherGuest: That's right, Lime Errorman. You have 1 hour detention. Go to principal's office right now.

    Red Errorman: I got Saffron card.

    LordOtherGuest: That's right, Red Errorman. You have 2 hours detention. Go to principal's office right now.

    Cyan Errorman: I got tangerine card.

    LordOtherGuest: That's right, Cyan Errorman. You have 3 hours detention. Go to principal's office right now.

    Tan Errorman: I got orange card!

    LordOtherGuest: That's right, Tan Errorman. You have 4 hours detention. Go to principal's office right now.



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  • LordOtherGuest

    LordOtherGuest: OK. Today is behavior card day. there will be an 46 cards.

    Ephidelical: YAY! I GOT Rainbow card!

    LordOtherGuest: Good job, Ephidelical. Go to principal's office and enjoy your 1000 years off.

    Kaliber: Yay! I got gold card!

    LordOtherGuest: Good job, Kaliber. Go to principal's office and enjoy your 100 years off.

    Landors: Yeah! I got silver card!

    LordOtherGuest: Good job, Landors. Go to principal's office and enjoy your 75 years off.

    Destarom: Yeah! I got bronze card!

    LordOtherGuest: Good job, Destarom. Go to principal's office and enjoy your 50 years off.

    GD is the best: Yay. I got pink card.

    LordOtherGuest: Good, GD is the best. Go to principal's office and enjoy your 25 years off.

    Twilix: I got magenta card!

    LordOtherGuest: Good, Twil…

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  • LordOtherGuest

    I'm having a serious news, guys.

    Lot's of people was joining Team FAGS.

    The current member is:

    Boyned FAGS

    James FAGS

    John Cena FAGS

    Foxi Muemoo FAGS

    Alexis FAGS

    Chara FAGS

    Young Xehanort FAGS

    Pesky bee FAGS

    Butch FAGS

    Veigar FAGS

    Godzilla FAGS

    Boeing 737 FAGS

    Jowe FAGS

    Bad User FAGS

    Big Meanie FAGS

    New Horizons FAGS

    MikeTheSNESDude FAGS

    Wojtek FAGS

    Diggy FAGS

    Mikl FAGS

    Cat FAGS

    Osama FAGS


    Looks like they are going to vandalize this wiki.... D:

    End of news.

    by LordOtherGuest

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Boynedmaster: Let's watch Tommy Parky's videos.

    [boynedmaster watches tommy parky's videos]

    Boynedmaster: It's so good. I'm going to join UTTP! S*xy Tommy Parky! :D


    Boynedmaster's dad: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU'RE SO GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR 123456789898989898989898989898912345678989899898989898989898900000000000000000 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM!!


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  • Young Little Unicorn

    These are Geometry Dashers who are willing to compete in different types of challenges to be called 'BEST GEOMETRY DASHERS' in the world.

    Here's the competitors of Geometry Dashers they are surprisingly good players and some I can't believe they are geometry Dashers. But here they are :

    Marshy - Yay! I'm so squishy and I love Cotton Candy and I love Rainbow Puffcakes and… AND!

    Boynedmaster - I'm just so cool that I could beat you all until you guys die into balls of acid!

    GD is Cool - Dudes I'm gonna win this and gonna get the highest score and everyone's gonna call me Best GDer and that's how I got my name

    Lenny - The lenny must win or else he dies.

    LordOtherGuest - I'm sure someone will support me right guys?… umm… guys? I guess no one likes m…

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Boyned FAGS?


    More like Bad User FAGS!

    Oh my god!

    This is a worst user I ever seen!

    He is a second account of Boynedmaster!

    Look at this channel!

    He makes too many hate videos!

    He made a rant out of BFDI, crappy character elimination episode 1, and many more!

    And he hates Leafy and he thinks that Firey is his wife!

    How gross!

    Do you know who likes Boyned FAGS?


    He supports Boyned FAGS and vandalized this wiki!

    Do you know who hates Boyned FAGS?


    He hates Boyned FAGS and he likes to terminate Boyned FAGS' channel!

    So screw Boyned FAGS!

    Also, screw jowe!

    Geometry Dash Riot is 10375871011087456765107567340687105465173561076 times way better!

    End of rant!

    Next rant: 6godlightspeed15

    After the…

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Hi. LordOtherGuest here. I think this wiki has really inactivity. I'm editing it alone. Well, I think this must be popular wiki.

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Last time...

    November 11, 2015 by LordOtherGuest

    6godlightspeed15 and 3 other users have hacked this wiki with vandalizing, creating useless pages, inappropriate files. Also, if you are reading this, boynedmaster. You will never hack this wiki.

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  • LordOtherGuest

    Do you want to be a admin, then put a comment on here!

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